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7 Australian swimwear brands taking the industry by storm

By Shihana Shahabdeen

These 7 Australian swimwear brands are rocking the swimwear industry. Don’t forget to email us to let us know about your latest project in your small business.

1. Eau Paix Vie

Eau Paix Vie Swimwear was founded in 2011 by Carly and her sister, Simone Wilkins. Carly and Simone both had a mutual love for travelling and everything that comes with travelling especially tropical destinations. They had a desire to work for themselves doing what they loved. The girls have aimed to maintain their travel specific focus throughout their label. For example, Eau Paix Vie includes aspects of cultural differences, different kinds of people, international foods and their journey. Since its inception, Eau Paix Vie has been shown at the Mercedes Fashion Festival in Brisbane, featured in local and international press, and been worn by Gigi Hadid, Ireland Baldwin and Kendal Jenner.

Shihana Shahabdeen

Shihana Shahabdeen is the content producer of Pinstripe Media and has worked in digital publishing in Sydney and Melbourne.
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