GIRL OF THE MONTH - meet Olivia



 Olivia, Sydney, Australia
This month we talk to Olivia about life in Sydney...
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?
Anywhere exotic with tropical weather all year round would be the perfect place for me, nothing can beat summer all year round! 

What is your favourite meal to cook, and will you share the recipe with us?
I love a nice salmon. My favourite recipe is really simple and really delicious. Place a salmon steak on a piece of foil, cover with lots of soy sauce, grated ginger and a handful of shallots, wrap it all up in the foil and put it in the oven at 170°c for half an hour. Serve with baby potatoes and some steamed asparagus.


If you were stuck on an island with one Eau Paix Vie bikini, and two items of your choice, which bikini and items would you choose?
I'd say the Safari set in red :) The two things I'd have to have with me would be my favourite moisturiser and best playlist!

If you had to give one up - would you rather no Instagram or no Snapchat for a month? 
That's a tough one but I love to keep in touch with friends and watch their funny stories, so I'll say no Instagram :(



What does your exercise plan look like and can you give us any tips?    
Basically mix it up and make it fun, I'll jog if it's a nice day or do yoga or a boxing class. Anything as long as I'm enjoying myself, I don't have a specific plan but rather just do what I feel like on the day and always make it fun.



So you spend a lot of time on Sydney's beautiful Northern Beaches, what are your favourite places to eat and have coffee there? 
Barefoot Coffee Traders would have to be my fave coffee shop in the Northern Beaches as they make the best coffee and waffles too! Also in love with banana blossom salads, definitely the freshest salads around :)

 Pic via @maddie_manuel at @barefootcoffeetraders

 Olivia wears the Eau Paix Vie Cabo Set in all photos available at 

 You can follow and see more of Olivia here - @oliviagrivas


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